Why energy

Until very recently energy costs have gone up year on year. Despite the recent small cuts, the trend for the future is for energy costs to keep on rising due to the pressure on supply and the higher costs of green energy.

Energy saving is at the heart of what we do, it’s vital in today’s market


New regulation and increasing green targets is putting further pressure and requirements on businesses and their energy usage.

The refrigeration industry is expanding 4%-5% per annum. A growing population and an increase in refrigerated food products are putting further pressure on demand and energy requirements.

Significant impact

Refrigeration is typically a significant proportion of the overall energy bill for a supermarket or an industrial site.

Any energy savings, direct or indirect, through our energy saving products or our improved control can make a significant impact.

ACR awards finalists

Guardian Controls Fan Speed Optimiser was a finalist in the Refrigeration Product of the Year category at both the ACR News Awards and National ACR Awards 2015. Our extensive knowledge and range of products will reduce your energy consumption.

Supermarket Optimisation

Guardian Controls has designed and manufactured a range of refrigeration and process control systems for supermarkets…

Cold Room Optimisation

Guardian Controls has invested significant time and resources assessing the energy efficiency of cold and freezer rooms…

CO2 Refrigeration

Supermarkets are looking to replace traditional HFC and Freeon based refrigerants, which can leak in to the atmosphere…

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