CO2 Refrigeration

Supermarkets are looking to replace traditional HFC and Freeon based refrigerants, which can leak in to the atmosphere with detrimental effect. New and increasing regulation is also applying further pressure for businesses to implement greener solutions.

C02 is a favourable choice for the future

Why CO2?

It’s low cost, has zero environmental impact and low tax levies for business. It’s also non-toxic and has lower energy usage at subcritical temperatures. CO2 can be captured from the atmosphere and can be reprocessed for use in subcritical and transcritical CO2 refrigeration systems.

A Greener Solution for the Future

R744 is one such C02 refrigerant, its high purity and low moisture content enables it to work more efficiently and has less corrosive impact on the refrigeration system. The trade off, C02 refrigerants need to operate at much higher pressures than traditional refrigerants and refrigeration systems. This has necessitated a whole new range of refrigeration components, systems and controls.

Guardian Controls Can Supply…

  • CO2 DX 2 Stage Booster Pack Transcritical or Subcritical LT & MT in the same circuit
  • CO2 DX MT Pack Transcritical or Subcritical Single Stage MT
  • Optimised Controls for CO2 Systems GC45 CO2 & E636

CO2 DX Packs

Energy efficient transcritical and subcrital CO2 compressor pack systems for medium…

GC-45 Pack Controller

A flexible refrigeration pack controller. In its primary option it delivers…

E636 Ethernet Case Controller

Refrigeration control unit for supermarket display cabinets and cold rooms…

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