Door Sentry

The Guardian Controls Door Sentry is a voice alarm system for cold and freezer room doors.

Product Detail

The Door Sentry will install good door policy, save energy, reduce maintenance, protect food quality and keep operatives safe.

Cold and freezer room doors remaining open for longer than necessary are a continual source of wasted energy. Door openings allow warm moist air to enter the temperature and humidity controlled room, which requires additional cooling. The higher the outside ambient temperature and humidity the greater the impact on the room. Excessive door opening can lead to ice build up in the room and put stored produce at risk.

Key Benefits

  • Saves up to 17% of cold and frozen room energy costs
  • Installs good operator door policy
  • Loud Audio Alarms
  • Robust sensors resistant to operator abuse
  • Protects food quality and operator safety
  • Wall and panel mount options
  • Wall mount is a quick and easy retrofit
  • Non-intrusive, no cold room access required
  • Compatible with existing control and monitoring


Range of audio messages.
Reliable infra-red sensors.
Tamperproof case.
Internal engineer volume adjustment.
Internal engineer time configuration.
2 additional inputs and relay outputs.
Input defaults; Man-Trapped and Gas Sensor.
CDA-04 & CDA-06; 3rd additional input for Phase Fail.
2 Status LEDs.
Optional RS484 or Ethernet communication.
Kit of installation parts.
Security tool required to install this product.


CDA-01 – Wall Mount 230vac mains input.
CDA-02 – Wall Mount 230vac mains input & RS485.
CDA-03 – Wall Mount 230vac mains input & IPM-04.
CDA-04 – Panel Mount 24vdc input & Phase Fail.
CDA-05 – Wall Mount 24vdc input & Phase Fail.
CDA-06 – Panel Mount 24vdc input, Phase Fail I/O & IPM-04.
IPM-04 – Optional Ethernet Communications.

Use in Conjunction With

Fan Speed Optimiser
Use the door open/close signal to lower evaporator fan speed.
Reduces the volume of moist warm air entering the room.
Improves operator comfort.
FSO range has verified average energy savings of 36%.
Man Trapped Button with LED Backlight.
360 PIR -30C.
C02 Gas Sensors.

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