Guardian SCC50

High specification industrial screw compressor control unit. Developed and improved over the last 30 years. Rugged design, installed and operating in challenging environments around the world.

Product Detail

The Guardian SCC50 Screw Compressor Controller provides automatic start up and capacity slide control for a single screw compressor controller. The control set point can be chosen from suction pressure, discharge pressure or process temperature. Menu settings are available for control of pumps, heaters, economisers, liquid injection, auto VI slide and two stage screws. Configuration can be done locally or remotely via RS485 or TCP/IP.

Key Benefits

  • Autovariable VI
  • Simultaneous SNMP and RS485
  • Developed and improved over 30 years
  • Proven operation in harsh environments


Automatic control of motor, slide, pump, economiser & oil heater.
Stepper motor control of auto variable Vi slide.
Two stage screw slide control.
Alarm, trip and status monitoring of all variables.
Simultaneous SNMP and RS485 MODBUS protocols.


Fault input displays for all compressor safety inputs.
Variable speed compressor motor and condenser control.
Motor Amps alarms, display and automatic slide.
Multi compressor operation on same suction line.
Clear and simple LED display panel.


Full Kit in Wallbox.
Board, Display & Cable.
Board or Display.
English Membrane.
Chinese Membrane.
Russian Membrane.

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