LED Lighting

Guardian Controls LED Lighting technology is specifically designed for the refrigeration industry and test down to low sub-zero temperatures.

Product Detail

More than 60% of lighting energy costs can be saved by replacing standard fluorescents with Guardian Controls LED tubes and luminaries. Low capital outlay, simple installation as new or retrofit and very short payback. Maintenance costs are practically removed as life expectancy is 3 fold, no starter and designed for low temperature applications. Large range of tubes, luminaries and emergency lighting available for use in case tube retrofit, cold/freezer rooms and other refrigeration applications.

Key Benefits

  • Huge energy savings when replacing standard fluorescents.
  • Designed for refrigeration and low temperature application.
  • Up to 10 year life expectancy with virtually zero maintenance.
  • Reliable overnight cold start.

LED Tubes

Large range available.
T8 2’ 9W to 6’ 29W.
T% 2’ 8W to 5’ 23W.
Clear & Pure White Translucent.
50,000 hours.
Smart soft start.


Rugged, industrial IP65.
5’ Ceiling mounted.
Single and dual options.
Superb light transmission.
Excellent light distribution.

Emergency Lighting

Compact IP65 Emergency bulk head.
High emergency lighting levels.
LED 5W, 100 / 50 lumen 3 hour battery life.
Heaters included to extend battery life.
Simple low cost retrofit.

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